Performed by Rosamond Brenner—Piano

1. Opening Prayer
Bahá'í Scripture
Read by: Lorelie McClure

2. “The Fountain” by Rosamond Brenner
performed by Rosamond Brenner, piano

3. Selections from Buddhist, Islamic
& Hindu Scriptures
Read by: Irma Simuni

4. “The Lord is My Shepherd” & “Short Healing Prayer”
performed by Rosamond Brenner, piano &
Cheryll Simmerman, vocals

Medley based on the 23rd Psalm and a Bahá'í prayer,
original music by Rosamond Brenner

5. Prophet’s of God are one and the same.
Bahá'í and Islamic Scripture
Read by: Chris Vodden
6. “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” & “Come Sunday”
performed by Cheryll Simmerman, flute, Jon Hey, piano & Dan Godston, trumpet

7. The Utterance of God is a Lamp
Bahá'í Scripture
Read by: Robert Rogers

8. “Impromptu No. 3 in G-Flat” by Franz Schubert
performed by Jonathan Wheat, piano

9. The Sower
Christian Scripture
Read by: Ruth Jackson

10. “Hosanna”
performed by Bam Hoener, vocals

11. Closing Prayer
Bahá'í Scripture
Read by: Juliet Gentzkow

Please note: the program might be subject to change...

The Baha'i House of Worship
100 Linden Ave.
Wilmette, IL 60091

Transportation: If you're coming by CTA, you can take the purple line to its terminus (Linden Station), and walk east for several blocks.

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