Every Friday (6 p.m.): Rice & Spice International Slow Foods Dinner at the Gaia House Interfaith Center (913 S. Illinois Ave., Carbondale)
Friday, July 28 (7 p.m.): Peace Concert at SGI-USA Chicago Culture Center (1455 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago)
Every Friday (6 p.m.): Rice & Spice International Slow Foods Dinner at the Gaia House Interfaith Center (913 S. Illinois Ave., Carbondale)
Sunday, June 10 (2 p.m.): Sharing Sacred Spaces Project Culminating Event (Federal Plaza at the corner of Adams and Dearborn Aves. in Chicago)
Wednesday, June 20 (6 p.m.): Summer Solstice Interfaith Arts Event at Gillson Park. Click here to find out more.
Friday, June 29 (7 p.m.): Peace Concert at SGI-USA Chicago Culture Center (1455 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago)
Years ago I was what you might call faithless. I had given up on the religion that I was raised with. Once I entered adulthood, I found that it just didn't match up with the world that I was experiencing, so I rejected it. But ironically, I still used it to define myself. I became an atheist, but not the kind of atheist that refuses to take mythology literally and finds more meaning in rational exploration of our experiences. I was the kind of angry, reactionary atheist that wasn't really an atheist at all. I was the kind of atheist that was mad at God for not existing.

Eventually I found my anger and rejection of faith to be hollow. I felt a need for meaning in my life, and I noticed that event though I didn't believe in the aspects of religion that I would call "magical", there were still some things that I did believe in. I believed in right and wrong, and I believed in love. I believed that there must be some kind of meaning to life, even if I had to make it myself.

So, I started searching. And, I found very quickly that there are a lot of options when it comes to faith. Humankind has been wrestling with these questions for all time, and there is a vast wealth of information out there from those who have gone before us. I found that I didn't have to accept a cookie cutter, one size fits all explanation of life in order be a person of faith. I found that faith is not what happens when you stop asking questions and blindly accept things that seem unbelievable. Faith is what happens when you start asking questions, and searching in itself is part of the answer.

I also managed to make peace with my past and can now find a lot of value in the tradition I was raised with. Once, while I was taking a meditation course from a Zen priest, some of the students made some disparraging remarks about the Catholicism that they were raised with. The priest advised, "Don't disparage your past. It's what brought you here." Years later, I'm still practicing Buddhist meditation while studying to become a Unitarian Universalist minister at a Catholic university.

I'm still searching, but I've left the need to have all of the answers far behind. I've found that faith is not a set of statements that can be memorized, or a bunch of rules that I need to follow. Faith is something that I live, and it is enriched by every new experience and perspective that I add to it.

-Seth Fisher
The SGI -USA Chicago Peace Concert Series presents Angel dCuba in concert at the SGI -USA Chicago Culture Center 1455 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL 60605 on Friday, January 27th at 7:00 PM.  No tickets needed. Free Concert. Free Parking. Doors open at 6:30pm. For more information, call 312-913-1211. Visit our Facebook page

Angel d'Cuba
Cuban soul! Rich, explosive, sublime. Angel has built a solid reputation in his homeland and now in the USA as a dynamic performer and blender of styles, as well as a master of pure traditional Cuban music. He and his group cannot only lay down the typical latin party music of salsa, cha cha chá and merengue, but also heart-melting boleros, tasty jazz, smokin' funk and jumpin' calypso. In addition Angel is a prolific songwriter, with compositions spanning the styles of salsa, timba, merengue, pop latino, jazz, funk, calypso, samba and more. A savory sampling of this will be available on the forthcoming CD.  

Angel d'Cuba, former lead singer with Cuban super-group Mezcla, now resides in Chicago and leads his own group. This group delivers blistering salsa, timba, soul, funk, calypso and reggae flavored with the real MÚSICA CUBANA! Must see and hear to appreciate!

 Some of the places Angel d'Cuba has performed are Taste of Chicago 2011, The Old Town School of Folk Music 2011, Chicago's Festival Cubano 2010, among many others.


The SGI Chicago Peace Concert Series is affiliated with SGI -USA (a registered IRS 501 © (3) non-profit) a lay Buddhist organization dedicated to peace, culture and education. As part of our mission, we’re proud to present these Peace Concerts on the last Friday of every month as a gift to the community. The Peace Concert Series has been ongoing since March of 2004.

Peace Concert Series Contact: George Goetschel, Peace Concert Coordinator 847-732-2497 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            847-732-2497      end_of_the_skype_highlighting georgegoetschel@comcast.net  or peaceconcert@sbcglobal.net
Print Version: Free Peace Concert:  Angel dCuba Friday, January 27th - 7PM - SGI -USA Chicago Culture Center 1455 S. Wabash. Free Concert. Free Parking. Doors open 6:30pm Info: 312-913-1211; http://www.sgicentral.org/  

"The Fabric of Our Faith" was a dynamic event presented by Treasures of Uptown earlier today. An intimate gathering of people from the community created fiber artworks that will be installed in The Peoples Church later this year. "The Fabric of Our Faith" was part of an series of innovative events presented by Treasures of Uptown; check out their website for info about their other programs.  

Listen to this audio to find out about the concepts and beliefs that inspired participants to come up with the images and patterns in their fiber artworks -- 
Here are some pictures taken during "The Fabric of Our Faith." Looking forward to seeing how those individual pieces of fiber art will be stitched together later! 

Here's the flyer that Treasures of Uptown produced for "The Fabric of Our Faith" -- 
Every Friday (6 p.m.): Rice & Spice International Slow Foods Dinner at the Gaia House Interfaith Center (913 S. Illinois Ave., Carbondale) Wednesday, January 18: "Women in Jewish and Muslim Traditions" -- Jewish/Muslim Text Study. Contact Annemarie (annemarie@jcua.org) for more information. 

Sunday, January 22 (2-4 p.m.): "The Fabric of Our Faith: An Interfaith Dialogue Expressed Through Fabric Art" at The Peoples Church (941 W. Lawrence Ave., Molly's Cafe, floor 3 1/2, Chicago)

Friday, January 27 (7:30 p.m.): Peace Concert featuring Cuba d'Angelo at Soka Gakkai International-USA (1455 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago)

Sunday, January 29 (3 p.m.): "Harmonies of Faith: North Shore Interfaith Choral Concert" that includes songs from various faith traditions (Alice Millar Chapel, Northwestern University, Evanston). Click HERE for more information.   

Tuesday, January 31 (8:30-9:30 a.m.): Greater Springfield Interfaith Association Board Meeting (Temple Israel, Springfield)